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How to lay an asphalt path

You can use cold asphalt to repair or resurface existing asphalt, or build a new path on a hardcore sub-base. But it isn’t suitable for the constructing new drives.

If you’re resurfacing an old path, it’s a good idea to spray it with weed killer about two weeks before putting on the new layer. If you’re building a new path, prepare a sub-base as you would for a patio and lay some edging kerb. But pick a fine day to lay the asphalt, as water doesn’t mix with bitumen emulsion.

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    Step 1

    To avoid staining your edging kerb, cover it with some hardboard or old timber (if you do get any splashes on it, you can remove them with some white spirit on a cloth). Spread a coat of bitumen emulsion on the sub-base using an old watering can without a rose. Then brush it across the surface with a stiff broom, if needed. Let the emulsion dry for about twenty minutes, during which time it’ll turn from brown to black.


    Step 2

    Tip or shovel the asphalt on top of the emulsion, and rake it over the surface to an even thickness of about 20mm.


    Step 3

    Wet the garden roller to stop the asphalt from sticking, then roll in several directions to level and compact it to a depth of about 13mm. Clean your tools with paraffin or white spirit when you’ve finished.